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FAB Meeting Wednesday – August 2, 2017 Minutes

Members Present:Mary Larson, Doug Dahlberg, Jon Vetter, Dave Stumpf, Jeff Waldvogel, Mike Olson, Steve Bell and Lori Kasella.The guest was Kevin Jordan.

  • Old Business – Golf – We now have 27 teams. We went over the rules that were going to be used.

  • New Business – Thursday August 10th is the date for the fall meeting before fall sports start.It will be at 7pm at the middle school.

  • Doug made a motion to approve the Who’s Who Ad.It was seconded by Dave. Motion carried.

  • Doug made the motion to adjourn with Lori Kasella seconding the motion.Motion passed.

  • The next meeting will be at the golf course on Aug 9th at noon.

Wednesday August 9th, 2017

  • Members Present – Mary Larson, Lori Kasella, Doug Dahlberg, Jeff Waldvogel, Jon Vetter, Dave Stumpf, Mike Olson, Greg Rutten, Lori Kush, Steve Bell, and Neal Weisz.Guest was Kevin Jordan and Tim Bjorge.

  • A discussion was held on the rules, and what games are going to be played.

  • Arts & Crafts – Boys Soccer will be doing the security.

  • Next Meeting will be Wednesday August 17th at Cabin Fever at 8pm.

Wednesday August 23rd, 2017

  • Members Present – Mary Larson, Jon Vetter, Lori Kasella, Dave Stumpf, Mike Olson, Chris Bell, Nate Beak, Greg Rutten, Steve Bell and Jeff Waldvogel. Neal Weisz participated in a telephone vote before some members arrived at the meeting.

  • Secretaries Report – Mike Olson made a motion to approve the minutes for July with Lori Kasella seconding the motion.Motion passed.

  • Treasurer’s report – Lori Kasella gave the report.Dave made a motion to approve the treasurer’s reports for June and July with Mike O seconding the motion.Motion carried.

  • Gambling report – Lori Kasella gave the report.For July the gross receipts were $31,963.00.Prizes paid $23,928.00. The net receipts were $8,035.00. Taxes totaled $763.10.Expenditures were $6548.12.The net profit was ($275.68).Lori Kasella made a motion to approve the gaming report for July and August expenses not to exceed $12,000 with Greg seconding the motion.Motion carried.

  • Old Business – Golf recap – We are close to last year’s receipts.Many expenses will arrive in September.

  • Mike Olson reported on the Pheasant Hunt.7 teams are register so far.

  • Pictures for the football and baseball donations will be taken.The baseball picture will be taken at 5:00 PM at the baseball complex.Football will be taken at 5:30 at the field on Thursday during their practice time.Baseball players will be there for their picture.

  • Trailer News – The grills are working and September 15th Lindbergh wants to use it.

  • New Business – Scoreboard advertising was discussed.Kevin thanked FAB for the donations that they had given.Kevin then informed the board that the floor in the gym was in the process of being redone.He indicated the FAB logo could be added to the design at a cost of $4,500.Steve made a motion to approve up to $4,500 to add the FAB logo to the gym floor design.Nate seconded the motion.Motion carried.

  • DECA request for funding.This died for lack of a motion.

  • Do we want to tip the golf course for the golf tournament?Steve made a motion that we tip them $100.Chris seconded the motion.Motion passed.

  • Steve made the motion to adjourn with Dave seconding the motion.Motion passed.

  • Our next meeting will be on Wednesday September 27th at Cabin Fever at 7pm.

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